Kwalata Game Lodge- A sustainable tourism product 22/09/2017

I recently went on a trip to the Dinokeng area for a Sustainable Tourism conference held at the Kwalata Game Lodge and OH!! was it AMAZING! An out of this world experience, something even I, a local will never forget, despite that fact that what I saw was nothing new. From the traditional dancers to the food we ate at a local business area. There’s no Italian cuisine or French fries, just plain African Cuisine, to complete the township experience.

IT all started with a Game Drive . I was looking out for a an elephant, like I hadn’t seen one in my life before… other eyes where set on the lions, but all we got to see where giraffes and bucks, no big five animals. This was due to the fact that we missed the reporting time and our truck left late, but it was an amazing experience none the less.

The sun was setting as we headed out into the neighborhood, Hammanskraal. A township located on the out skits of the game reserve. I bought myself a bracelet and necklace at the local arts and craft shop located outside the gate of the reserve. They sell such authentic pieces made up of things that you pick up everyday. I actually sat at night, after the township tour and thought about how I bought a leaf, “I cant believe I bought a leaf’, but it goes to show that they are good at their craft. We then walked across the road to the local nursery, which was started on the basis of tourism and is thriving because of tourism in that area. I’d never been in a nursery before prior to this, so it was also an experience and something I’ve always wanted to do.

As the stars filled the night our next top was a bridge, taking you to another section of the township, into a local shebeen, where we were serenaded by African drums and we  danced and drank  with the locals. The tour ended with us having dinner at a local diner, which as a result of the support from the tourism sector has been renovated and is running profitably. Pap & Beef stew was the meal of the day. I generally don’t like meat but that stew was so good that I went back for seconds. We then drove back to the camp where we arrived to a fire by the boma and we danced till the morning. >well the others did, I cant stay up till late<

The next morning I was blessed to a shower outside. Now that’s an experience you don’t get anywhere else except here. There’s something about being out in nature, just something about it that is so surreal. So, if you are planning on going on holiday this festive season, or looking for a weekend getaway, a two day bush escape with an outdoor shower is something I would suggest you do. PLEASE GO TO: for more details, or call me on 079 223 7547 for a booking.

Don’t forget to write me back and tell me about your experience!!!