Mountain Hike- Kgaswane Nature Reserve 22/07/2017

I finally went on a hike yol!!! YAY!! It was out of this world, something I think everyone should experience once in their lifetime. I rate it as a bucket list experience.

So I completed a 5km hike this past weekend all under R100!! Yes, experiences like these aren’t expensive, unless you go for an overnight stay or book with a guide, which is also relatively cheap.. The hike was amazing though… Being out there within nature. Where it’s just you, the trees, the mountains, the views.. and fresh air!!! The stillness is amazing. You forget about everything when you are walking up there. One even forgets that they have responsibilities and so on. There’s something about being out there… I can’t explain it. I would rather you experience it for yourself and I hope you do!

I found myself picking up rocks on the trail, I found them to be so pretty, if I’ had picked each one, I would’ve had a sack full, by the time we got to the end of the trail. We crossed a river on the trail, full of algae, but there were parts of it that where clean… makes me wonder what it looked like back in the day when it was still alive.. >I love water sources< how I see it is: “Where ever water flows peace goes…”

I got left behind a lot, which earned me the name Impala, as I was taking 1000 pictures and my shoes where giving me problems , I wore sneakers, a rookie mistake (> _<) . The views up there are amazing, though!!! It was a blast, I had so much fun, I am even thinking of starting a Hiking Club... >let me know if you want to be a part of it<

There are more hikes offered at the mountain reserve, the max a day visitor can do is the 5km, they also have a 19km and 25km, which is only available for overnight stays. >>I’ll be doing this soon<< Please check the home page for more detials…


Love SLK!!!