Cape Town Peak Season Guide

So I had the pleasure of being in Cape Town over the Festive Period, and oh was it lovely!!! I enjoyed every minute of it. And I came back with lessons and Tips on how to make it through the peak season, in this world class destination.

  1. Choose your mode of transport before. If you are going to stay for a week or more, I’d suggest that you hire a car, cheaper than going up and down with a cab, and more convenient. You would spend less time waiting for the cab to arrive and you get to decide what time to leave. Taxi’s are cheaper, this an option for the real explorer.
  2. I also found out that on your birthday you get to go up Table Mountain for free, provided you produce your id as proof.
  3. Camps Bay Beach water is beyond fridge cold, the best water is in Muizenberg Beach apparently, I didn’t get to go there though. I’ll be going on my next visit.
  4. Backpackers are a great way to stay in the city. They allow you to have more money to spend on activities and excursions. I stayed at a backpackers, do get a single room if you can’t stand other people’s bad habits like snoring, which I had to endure… There are a lot of backpackers in Cape Town, just google them.
  5. A My Citi bus card is also important, if you aren’t hiring a car, its safe, cheaper and convenient as there are bus stops all over the city¬† and they even take you to the various attractions in the city.
  6. Do hike up Table Mountain or Lions Head once in your life time, the view up there is amazing. I hiked up Lions Head, and would do it again, given the opportunity.
  7. Do visit Kristenbosch Botanical Garden, don’t forget to pack a picnic basket!! Visit their page for more information as they usually host movie nights and other concerts.
  8. Stay away from the city centre e.g Long Street on public holidays.
  9. Pre-book your tickets for Robben Island because buying them the same day at their ticket office is a bad idea. They are usually sold out for 5days ahead of the date.
  10. Take care of yourself and your belongings. Stay Safe.